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Urmia Medical Tourism

Urmia medical tourism is your host in the beautiful city of Urmia Types of health tourism in Urmia


Health tourism in Urmia includes 3 sections of medical tourism, nature therapy tourism and wellness tourism


Medical tourism in Urmia is ready to accept infertility, eye and heart patients as well as hair and beauty transplants
The presence of skilled and experienced doctors, medical equipment, specialized hospitals and medical science to prepare medical tourism infrastructure in Urmia to receive tourists who travel to a country for treatment


Skilled and experienced doctors
Urmia is in a high position in terms of medical science and experienced professional doctors, and this issue is well known and cannot be hidden

Urmia Medical Tourism
Urmia Medical Tourism

As you know, the skill and experience of doctors is very important in the field of medical tourism in Urmia, so this issue cannot be ignored

Urmia  is your host in the beautiful city of Urmia
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Which diseases are treated
Many diseases are treated in Iran’s medical tourism, but the ones that have received the most attention include the following
Infertility in Urmia
Dentistry in Urmia
Heart and eye surgery in Urmia
Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Urmia
Dialysis in Urmia
Diseases related to cancer in Urmia